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Welcome to  AeroMax, USA

AeroMax, USA was established in 1994 and built on the idea that there had to be a better way to buy an aircraft. It is our goal to give the buyers all the necessary information to make an informed buying decision up front and online.

We will consign 100 aircraft and 50 helicopters, all priced at current market value, completely documented online and ready to sell, all at one central US location, Clinton Sherman Airport, (KCSM). The 2,700 acre facility has a FAA tower and a 13,000 foot runway with instrument approach. The airport also includes ninety six acres of concrete ramp space available for commercial aircraft parking and sales with over two acres of aircraft hangar space available at reduced rates.

  • AeroMax consignment fee is 6% of sale price (similar to a real estate transaction).
  • All buyers and sellers investments will be 100% protected by using a third party escrow agent (IATS) Insured Aircraft Title Service. No money changes hands without a clear title and the aircraft registered with the FAA in the new owner’s name. All escrow fees will be split 50/50 between buyer and seller.
  • All consignment aircraft will receive a free Aircraft Valuation Report. This will help determine the market value based on your aircraft’s current condition.
  • All consignment aircraft must pre-qualify and seller agree to price aircraft at current market value.
  • Our expertise in aircraft appraisals can help you establish the best asking price for your aircraft, and help you avoid the common mistakes of underpricing or over-pricing.
  • After consulting with our appraiser, you will make the final decision on the price at which your aircraft is listed. Aeromax, USA reserves the right not to consign an aircraft that is unrealistically priced.
  • All aircraft will be clearly marked and priced at market value for a quick sale.
  • Any and all offers to purchase aircraft will be presented to the seller.
  • Online aircraft documentation includes complete aircraft history, registration, airworthiness, airframe and engine logbooks, FAA 337 reports, major repairs, damage history, engine and airframe modifications, component times remaining, aircraft valuation report and asking price all online. Informative aircraft walk-around video and photos also available online.

Appraised Aircraft Sell 50% Faster