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Aircraft appraisals, helicopter appraisals and warbird appraisals are an opinion of value. They are written by a person who has the knowledge, expertise and credibility to determine the value of the subject aircraft. The process of developing an appraisal is intricate. It is not, as most people assume, the act of looking up a value in a book or in a computer program. Improper evaluations of aircraft by persons who are not qualified to make them, or by those who have their own agenda in pricing the subject aircraft, leads to trouble for unsuspecting buyers. High values are far more common than low values. No matter whether you are a buyer, seller, banker, or insurance company executive, you have a major stake in ensuring that the amount paid for the aircraft is the current market value.

Aircraft Appraisals includes:

An on-site examination of the subject aircraft’s interior, exterior, and cockpit to document and evaluate the condition and appearance, plus an inventory of installed equipment, avionics, modifications, and factory options. Also accomplished is a review of aircraft’s logbooks and documentation as they relate to value. This review checks: damage history; maintenance history; inspection status; time-life items; cycle-life items; Airworthiness Directives; Service Bulletins; airframe, engine, propeller, and APU times/cycles; maintenance programs such as MSP, TAP, ESP, JSSI.

Thorough research and analysis of the current market for the subject aircraft. This includes locating and using actual sales prices of similar aircraft for comparisons whenever possible.

A digital record of the aircraft’s exterior, interior, airframe & engine logbooks and cockpit.

Fast service: The finished Original Certified Appraisal Report is usually ready for delivery in less than 72 hours after the on-site aircraft examination.

The Certified Appraisal Report is delivered in PDF format and signed, certified originals will be sent express mail. Depending upon the aircraft type, the finished report will be 20 to 35 pages in length.

All AeroMax, USA appraisals conform to the high ethical standards of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) requirements. All physical inspections are performed by a senior appraiser to insure appraisal integrity and client confidentiality. As a member of the National Aircraft Appraiser Association (NAAA) AeroMax, USA has direct access to their proprietary data base. Technical and sales data is also compiled from Jetnet, Aircraft Dealer Network (ADN), Aircraft Bluebook, Vref, FAA files and many other industry sources. Valuation methodology is clearly identified within our published reports, including definition of the appropriate approach to value, full disclosure of facts and any limiting conditions.

Our clients include the New York City Police Department, Pennsylvania State Police, US Postal Inspector, US Marshall’s, Department of Justice, General Services Administration, USAA Insurance, and Navy Federal Credit Union. We have also worked with high profile individuals, attorneys, banks, aircraft buyers and sellers. Our Certified Appraisals are accepted by all governments and are IRS approved.
AeroMax, USA offers worldwide aircraft appraisals, fast service, and travel expenses at cost.
AeroMax, USA is registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as aircraft dealer/broker #D005188, the National Aircraft Appraisers Association (NAAA) #45028 and the National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA) #209982

For additional information about our company and the services we offer, please contact us through this website or call us at (830) 446-1064.