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AeroMax, USA specializes in current aircraft market value, that’s what we do. The average age of the general aviation fleet is 30 + years. There are a large number of potential pitfalls for an inexperienced purchaser to navigate. And, most buyers can’t afford the time away from their work that is required to make a successful purchase. Our fees for this service are set up-front and never tied to the purchase price of the aircraft, this insures you the best aircraft and value for you money.

Today’s economy has hit the aviation industry very hard. No more waiting for position slots with manufacturers, the turbine aircraft are still seeing declining values. Twin engine aircraft were hit first by high fuel cost and second by a large number of owners trying to sell their aircraft. This is a buyer’s market, so do not buy an aircraft with high times, poor avionics or major damage history. Buy only the best aircraft on the market today.

Our Aircraft Acquisition analysis includes:

  • Aircraft Size Requirements
  • Interior Configurations / Accommodations and Features
  • Critical Mission Issues
  • Speeds
  • Maximum Operating Weights
  • Performance
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Cockpit Features
  • FAR 36 Noise Levels
  • Take-off and Landing (runway) Requirements
  • key passenger preferences
  • payload versus range requirements
  • Aircraft Market Availability
  • Aircraft Age and Limitations
  • Purchase Price
  • Operating Cost Analyses

With this analysis, we can now begin the purchase process to find your next aircraft. Remember this is a buyer’s market so if your next aircraft is Cessna 182, Gulfstream G550, or Bell 430, only buy the best aircraft or helicopter in its class.

There are over 16,000 aircraft for sale today. Let us help you purchase the very best.